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DHM Industrial Services

About us

Our team consists of approximately 10 professionals. High speed delivery and partnership is the base of our company. Our strength lies in a wide range of machines and our experienced and pragmatic team of professionals. We started as The Hope Metal in the metalwork in 1989. The company initially focused on series work. In 2009 we changed to a more service oriented company in metalwork. Since that time, we have focused solely on the supply of the industrial sector, as well as our investment in a 3D-design package.

Over ons The executive board of DHM Industrial Services sees the daily work team as a family. Collaboration and partnership are not a future ideal to us, but the only way and condition for quick and skilful service to meet the needs of the customer.

Fun, structure and discipline go hand in hand in our team. Private lives and work are not separate, all parties feel free to walk in asking for flexibility and attention concerning individual circumstances. Young professionals needs mentoring, people to which they identify themselves. Experienced professionals deserve respect and authority. In this context craftsmanship is a multiplying share transferred to all.

For centuries the citizens of Dordrecht were employed in the trade, shipping and industry. Thanks to its convenient location, Dordrecht is still an important centre of distribution over land and water. Dordrecht is also referred to as 'a town nestled between rivers'. Because of the favourable distance to Dordrecht, DHM Industrial Services has provided service for years to industrial areas such as Moerdijk and the port of Rotterdam.

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